A Commitment for a Future Evolution
Always Aiming HIGH
The Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants
We are commited to
member service and the public interest


President's  Word

One Main Objective: Be Proud of Being Part of the LACPA

Things and individuals change. Twenty years have passed since founding the LACPA. Many boards and presidents have been elected and served the association. Some remained in the field of service while others took another path. But the LACPA remains, with the same path of development and prosperity.

We came with a principle that the association’s work is an institutional work. A new phase has started with no turning back. Life drives us to the development and continuity and where the past is a mere source of lessons.

Today we have to keep deploying our endeavours to build on the past efforts and pillars established by our predecessors and understand the needs and demands of our colleagues and look after their issues, aspirations and ambitions. We have also to benefit from our available human resources and...

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