Seminar on the “Automatic Exchange of Financial Information for Tax Purposes”

Tuesday, 21 February 2017
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Organized by the Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon

As a joint activity between the Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants and the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture in Beirut and Mount Lebanon and as per the MOU signed between them.

The LACPA organized, in collaboration with the CCIB, a seminar on the Automatic Exchange of Financial Information for Tax Purposes at the CCIB premises.

The seminar was attended by MP Jean Oghassapian, Director General of the Ministry of Justice judge Mayssam Noueiri, Judge Abdul Latif al-Husseini, former presidents of the LACPA, Vice-Presidents of the CCIB, LACPA Board members, LACPA members, businessmen, and representatives of the regulatory, judicial and financial bodies and academics.

During the opening, the LACPA President, Mr. Salim Abdel Baki and CCIB President, Mr. Mohamad Choukeir highlighted the importance of this seminar and the need to discuss the issue of automatic exchange of financial information between representatives of the economic, financial, legislative and regulatory bodies and all concerned.

The seminar was moderated by former LACPA President, Mr. Elie Abboud and gathered the views and experience of the Director of Imports and Value Added Tax at the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Luay al-Hajj Shehadeh, the Group Head - Legal and Compliance at Bank Audi Me. Chahdan E. Jebeyli, the Tax Lawyer – Expert, Me. Karim Daher and the Executive Director and Head of the Compliance Unit in Banque du Liban. Me. Karen Shartouni.