Internal Control


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This CPE course covers internal control systems, which are defined as systems for management to control certain risks and therefore help businesses achieve their objectives. It first introduces the Turnbull Report, which covers the importance of internal control and risk management in organizations. While the report is a UK report it can still be applied to all companies. It then examines the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) model of internal control consisting of five integrated components which are characterized by 17 principles. The course goes on to identify examples of organizational control and address the classification of controls into three broad categories (financial, non-financial quantitative, and non-financial qualitative controls). It finally investigates the process used to develop an adequate control system, and provides case studies based on real-world events.

Learning Objectives:
▪  Identify control weaknesses and compliance failures
▪  Identify controls to identify, assess and manage risks
▪  Recognize the costs and benefits of maintaining the internal control system



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