Identifying and Obtaining Evidence


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This course provides an overview of evidence identification and collection during legal matters and independent investigations. It includes the various duties a forensic accountant can be asked to provide for a client. Also reviewed is where evidence (both paper and electronic) can be found and how it should be treated and processed.

Learning Objectives:
▪  Explain the different methods used to obtain and collect evidence during discovery
▪  Describe how forensic accountants can be engaged by clients
           ▪ Nontestifying consultants
           ▪ Request for production
           ▪ Document identification
           ▪ Interrogatories
           ▪ Request for admissions
           ▪ Depositions
           ▪ Expert witnesses
▪ Explain the document custody and preservation process and how documents should be treated and retained
▪ Identify various locations where evidence can be found
▪ Describe how electronic evidence is processed in a sound manner as part of the forensic accounting process
▪ List public and private research sources that can assist during an investigation
▪ Recall evidence-related legal terminology that one might encounter during a forensic accounting assignment

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